What to do in Saremo and what to visit

What to do, and what to visit in Sanremo?
Usually thought as an ideal place to go in the summer season to spend summer holidays, Sanremo has high-level and very impressive architectural attractions. Here there are some destinations which deserve to be visited in Sanremo.

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San Siro Cathedral in Sanremo

The San Siro Cathedral is one of the most important historical buildings in Sanremo. It was built in 811 and it is a beautiful example of the Romanesque architecture. It is famous for a series of well-made bas-reliefs, for the presence of a black crucifix and for a statue of the Madonna del Rosario.

The Russian Orthodox Church in Sanremo

The Russian Orthodox Church was built in the early 1900s and it is a classic example of architecture, which is completely different from the other buildings in Sanremo. Created to support the Russian community, which was increasing, its structure fully reflects the Russian Orthodox style: the exterior has the typical round and coloured domes, a classic element of the Russian style.

The Casino of Sanremo

The Casino is famous for being placed in an Art Nouveau building designed by the french architect Ferret. It is situated in the central area of Sanremo and it is open to everyone, as long as they are of age. The beauty of its building is priceless, so don't miss the chance to visit it during your stay in Sanremo!

The Ariston Theater of Sanremo

The Ariston Theater is placed in the central streets of Sanremo and it is famous for hosting the annual Italian Song Festival. It can contain almost 2000 seats and it is considered as one of the biggest theaters in Liguria. Its interior can be visited only during the shows and usually you can find there events like poetry, ballet, opera and cabaret.

The cycle lane

The bike lane running from Ospedaletti to San Lorenzo was built on the old railway track. Unique in its genre, it is 24 kilometers long and offers breathtaking glimpses of the Ligurian sea and coast. All along the way there are many activities from bike rental to dining areas and bars.

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