Prevention measure COVID 19

The Residence has always worked for the satisfaction of its guests and this also means having their health at heart. In consideration of the time it passes through the country, safe protocols have been adopted and shared by all the staff in order to guarantee maximum safety, tranquility and serenity to all those who want to spend a leisure or business stay.

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  • Online reservations and check-in in total safety for our guests by streamlining the reception procedures Electronic payments (pos sanitized at each transaction)
  • Temperature control for all employees every day
  • Bactericidal and virucidal products. The dishes in the kitchen are changed and sanitized at each new entrance. The apartment is cleaned in all its parts with a sodium hypochlorite solution and sanitized with highly sanitizing oxygen nebulization.
  • Staff is equipped with all the PPE and tools necessary to guarantee the safety of our guests
  • Total sanitization of children's play area, bicycles, solarium beds (duly spaced), sanitization with Oxy sanitizing product of the drink dispensers in the relaxation room with limited access.
  • Installation of hand sanitizers on each floor of our Residence, before elevators and reception.
  • Upon your arrival, our staff will check your temperature and will be our staff's responsibility to show the apartment at only one family member.


Covid19 Prevention